Full Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

Full Upper Ceramic Implant BridgeFull Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

This gentleman had some implant teeth fitted in Eastern Europe on the upper right side. He was happy that
his Eastern European bridge functioned correctly but when he found that the teeth on the upper left were also
starting to come loose he decided to have treatment closer to home

“By the time you factor in the extra cost of flights and hotels, and the hassle factor when the temporary bridge
kept falling out, I felt it was best to come closer to home for the other side,” he said.

We placed 4 more implants in the upper left side to replace the wobbly teeth and within 10 weeks we were taking impressions to fit the final porcelain bridge.

The final porcelain bridge was such an improvement in appearance that we were asked to replace the Eastern European bridge on the opposite side as well to even the score!

So the after photo actually shows 2 bridges which meet in the middle supported on 8 implants in the upper jaw.

Guide cost for a full upper bespoke ceramic bridge on 8 implants (including membership discount): £18800

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