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Enhanced Dental Implant Surgery

This site is here to share and promote the experience and results of using the Weld One system, a brilliant advancement in full mouth dental implant surgery. I am always available to help other dentists and their patients discover this fantastic treatment.

Weld-One is better for the patient because it is longer lasting. It is more affordable because it takes less time, and delivered as a 'same day' treatment. The patient leaves with their new teeth within a few hours. It is suitable for practically everyone.

As one of the first practitioners in the country I wanted to give back and share progress with the community.

Implant Referral Services

I am a dentist, leading the clinical team at Winning Smiles, a practice in Essex providing orthodontic and implant solutions for patients from various referral sources. Over the last decade, I have concentrated on expanding my implant knowledge, providing the best quality treatment I can, and encouraging others to do the same.

We are keen to work in partnership, to achieve the best results.

About Andrew Fennell

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I am happy to work with other Dental Surgeries to deliver complex implant treatments. My current focus is on advancing the cause for Same Day Implant Teeth

Case Histories

Full Upper and Lower

This chap came to us because he had had an accident which had destroyed many of his teeth and what he had remaining were very wobbly.

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Full Upper Ceramic

This gentleman was happy that his Eastern European bridge functioned correctly but he decided to have treatment closer to home

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Denture Replacement

When this lady came to us, she thought she was beyond regaining her smile. The upper denture didn’t fit, it was uncomfortable and difficult to eat.

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