Mentorship Program

My mentoring program for referring dentists who wish to place their own implants is quite straightforward. When you send your patients in for implant treatment you should attend with them for

  1. The Full Case Assessment – where you will learn risk assessment, treatment planning, interpreting CT scans (normally 75 mins)
  2. The implant surgery – where you will learn cross infection control, asepsis, implant placement, suturing and other surgical techniques
  3. Impressions and crown/denture placement – where you will learn impression techniques, abutment selection, cementation, connecting implant dentures etc.

My usual days for mentoring dentists are currently Wednesday afternoons, Monday afternoons and some Thursday evenings. My PA Anita Smith will organise our treatment sessions coordinating our diaries and the patient’s diary. These sessions are booked at the end of my sessions so that I have time to discuss each aspect of the cases with you to ensure that at each stage you are fully understanding the process.


There are no fees due to me for teaching and mentoring my referring dentists.

Treatment fees for the surgery/impressions/crown, bridge or denture placements are paid by your patient direct to Winning Smiles.

The Mentoring program usually lasts for 12-18 months and covers all aspects of implant planning, surgery and prosthetics and you are expected to attend 3-4 sessions for each patient (planning/surgery/planning/prosthetics).

Normally we need to work with between 6 and 8 of your patients during this period to ensure that you gain enough experience to carry out this treatment safely and with minimal failure in your own practice.

By the end of this period you should be placing implants on your own patients under my supervision here at Winning Smiles.