WeldOne & Conometric Combined Course

A 3-day combined course at the renowned Degidi Dental Clinic on two of today’s hottest topics: the WeldOne concept and the Conometry Concept. Participant will learn through theory presentations and numerous practical sessions how to create both an electrically welded prosthesis and a conometric prosthesis. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to do both courses together.

Part 1

WeldOneTM Concept   

22th May 2017        10.00 – 17.00        

Welcome and introduction

  • Intra Oral Welding: History and background information
  • Electric Resistance Spot Welding: what it is and how it works
  • From Intra Oral welding to the WeldOne concept
  • The WeldOne Welding Unit

– Implant Level Restorations

  • Definition of an implant-level prosthesis – pro/cons
  • The implant level prosthesis for dental implants made by DENTSPLY Implants
  • Characteristics of an implant-level prosthesis for:

– Partial edentulism

– Total edentulism

Selection criteria of:

– Titanium wire

– Abutment

– Welding power

  • Shaping and bending techniques
  • Most common errors:

– How to avoid them

– How to correct them

23th May 2017     9.00 – 13.00                                                   

Abutment-Level Restorations

  • Definition of an abutment-level prosthesis
  • The Durable Restoration Concept
  • Use of abutment-level prosthesis with the ANKYLOS® and XiVE® implant systems
  • The abutment-level prosthesis for dental implants made by DENTSPLY Implants
  • Characteristics of abutment-level prosthesis for:

– Partial edentulism

– Total edentulism: the Weld-On-4 Concept

Lab steps:

– Choice of commercially manufactured teeth

– Mounting the teeth

– Choice of filling materials

– Evaluation of the parameters that affects durablility

  • Hands on: Construction of an abutment-level “All on Four”  framework

WeldOne Course conclusion

Awarding of the WeldOneconcept diplomas