Full Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

Full Upper Ceramic Implant BridgeFull Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

This gentleman had some implant teeth fitted in Eastern Europe on the upper right side. He was happy that
his Eastern European bridge functioned correctly but when he found that the teeth on the upper left were also
starting to come loose he decided to have treatment closer to home

“By the time you factor in the extra cost of flights and hotels, and the hassle factor when the temporary bridge
kept falling out, I felt it was best to come closer to home for the other side,” he said.

We placed 4 more implants in the upper left side to replace the wobbly teeth and within 10 weeks we were taking impressions to fit the final porcelain bridge.

The final porcelain bridge was such an improvement in appearance that we were asked to replace the Eastern European bridge on the opposite side as well to even the score!

So the after photo actually shows 2 bridges which meet in the middle supported on 8 implants in the upper jaw.

Guide cost for a full upper bespoke ceramic bridge on 8 implants (including membership discount): £18800

Full Upper & Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants

Full Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants

This chap came to us because he had had an accident which had destroyed many of his teeth and what he
had remaining were very wobbly. He is in his 40s and hated his dentures – often he would simply not wear them
and as a result has stopped smiling and lost a lot of his confidence.

We provided a complete new set of teeth (supported by dental implants in both jaws) within 3 months.

He is now smiling readily and reports that his life has changed dramatically since his confidence is restored.

The approximate cost of this treatment (both jaws) as a member of Winning Smiles: £22000

Full Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on ImplantsFull Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants

Titanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper Arch

Titanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper ArchTitanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper Arch

This lady was referred in by her dentist because she was having terrible trouble getting on with her new upper
denture. She found that it was making her gag and had stopped wearing it.
Naturally she had become practically a recluse, refusing to go out.

Her husband was very worried.

We reassured them both that there was a solution and went onto provide her with a whole set of new fixed teeth in
the upper jaw (supported on 6 implants). The treatment took a little over 12 weeks.

Titanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper ArchTitanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper Arch

Our lady has now had her confidence restored and is enjoying a normal, outgoing life again with her husband (he’s
relieved too!)

Guide cost for full upper set of fixed acrylic teeth on implants (with titanium strengthener hidden from view)
£12-13000 for patients on our membership plan (it’s free to join!)

Titanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper ArchTitanium Acrylic Bridge Full Upper Arch

Implant Bridge Replacing Lower Incisors

Implant Bridge Replacing Lower IncisorsImplant Bridge Replacing Lower Incisors

Implant bridges are a great way of replacing a few missing teeth. What some people don’t realise is that we only
need to use 2 implants to replace 4 teeth in the front of the lower jaw.

In this case the gentleman had some very wobbly teeth which he hated to look at at the front of the lower jaw. He
said they were so loose that he had taken to eating only very soft foods.

His fear was that he would have to have a denture – and he hated that idea! His own dentist had offered him one.

We first treated the gum disease to ensure that none of the other teeth in the mouth would suffer the same fate.

Then we removed the 4 wobbly ones and put 2 implants and a temporary bridge in: all on the same day!

The final porcelain bridge was finished within 12 weeks and our gentleman can now eat anything he wants and has
no worries about his teeth falling out during social functions!

Small implant bridges are a brilliant way of replacing missing or failing teeth and can be made to look better than
the originals!

Guide price for small implant bridge to replace 4 teeth (with our membership discount) £5400

Full Upper Implant Bridge

Full Upper Implant Bridge

This lady came to us because she was having trouble eating due to the upper teeth moving a lot.
She was also suffering some pain from the upper teeth and finally, she wanted to improve her smile
(although this was last on her list of priorities!)

Full Upper Implant Bridge 2Full Upper Implant Bridge 3

We found that gum disease (periodontal disease) had caused the bone to shrink back around all the upper teeth
which had made them very loose and prone to infections. They had also started to move and become splayed out
because of the gum problem.

We first treated the teeth to stop the gum disease in the lower jaw and prevent the need for further implant
treatment. Once the lower teeth were stable we removed the upper teeth and put implants in to replace them at
the same time (immediate implants). We were able to put a temporary bridge (not a denture!) onto these implants so
that our patient walked in with her wobbly teeth and walked out a few hours later with a fixed set on her new
We performed the surgery under sedation so that our patient was slept through most of it and awoke with her new teeth!

Within 12 weeks we were fitting the new ceramic bridge – you can imagine the reaction!

Full Upper Implant Bridge 4Full Upper Implant Bridge 5