Smile Makeover Upper Denture Replacement

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When this lady came to us, she thought she was beyond the point of regaining her smile.
The upper denture didn’t fit very well, it was uncomfortable and difficult to eat, so that needed replacing.

After a CT scan and assessment, we suggested that an implant based fixed upper denture would work very well for her. We prepared an Acrylic replacement teeth on a metal frame that is now fixed to the dental implants.

During the treatment, we also fixed two sets of temporary teeth, whilst the denture replacement was being prepared – these alone gave instant improvement to her smile.

We hope you’ll agree – we were rewarded with a great smile and she’s very happy to regain her smile and confidence back.

smile makeover after photo

Upper & Lower Implant Retained Dentures

Upper and Lower Implant retained denturesUpper and Lower Implant retained dentures

This lovely lady had lost most of her teeth (and confidence) when she came to us. The remaining teeth were discoloured and very wobbly.

We were able to totally reconstruct her mouth using photographs to match how her teeth were before the problems began! (Yes they were really white and perfect before).

We removed the teeth and fitted a temporary set of implants on the same appointment (immediate improvement) and the final permanent set of implants were fitted 12 weeks later after the gums had finished settling.

Upper and Lower Implant retained denturesUpper and Lower Implant retained dentures
Upper and Lower Implant retained denturesUpper and Lower Implant retained dentures

She can now eat any food she likes and her confidence is completely restored. She is positively beaming!

Please note that NOT all implant-clinics will place the implants and temporary teeth on the same day. This means that the patient has the teeth taken out and temporary dentures fitted. They typically wait 6-9 months wearing ill fitting temporary dentures before having their permanent teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained DenturesImplant Retained Dentures

This lady came to us because her old bridge was finally failing completely and had become quite an eyesore. The few remaining upper teeth were decidedly wobbly.

This usually outgoing lady had become quite insecure about her appearance (hiding her smile behind her hand, laughing with her lips pursed and so on) to the point where she had somewhat lost the confidence to go out and about.

Implant Retained DenturesImplant Retained Dentures

We were able to complete the first phase of the implant treatment without removing the old bridge so that she
was able to use the bridge rather than having a temporary denture (she didn’t like that idea). After 10 weeks of
healing we were able to complete the treatment and deliver her new smile in 48 hours.

The results speak for themselves. Although these teeth are removed for cleaning, she is now able to bite into
apples and is now worried that she might put on some weight!

Guide cost for this treatment (with our membership discount) £8000

Implant Retained DenturesImplant Retained Dentures

Full Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

Full Upper Ceramic Implant BridgeFull Upper Ceramic Implant Bridge

This gentleman had some implant teeth fitted in Eastern Europe on the upper right side. He was happy that
his Eastern European bridge functioned correctly but when he found that the teeth on the upper left were also
starting to come loose he decided to have treatment closer to home

“By the time you factor in the extra cost of flights and hotels, and the hassle factor when the temporary bridge
kept falling out, I felt it was best to come closer to home for the other side,” he said.

We placed 4 more implants in the upper left side to replace the wobbly teeth and within 10 weeks we were taking impressions to fit the final porcelain bridge.

The final porcelain bridge was such an improvement in appearance that we were asked to replace the Eastern European bridge on the opposite side as well to even the score!

So the after photo actually shows 2 bridges which meet in the middle supported on 8 implants in the upper jaw.

Guide cost for a full upper bespoke ceramic bridge on 8 implants (including membership discount): £18800

Full Upper & Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants

Full Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants

This chap came to us because he had had an accident which had destroyed many of his teeth and what he
had remaining were very wobbly. He is in his 40s and hated his dentures – often he would simply not wear them
and as a result has stopped smiling and lost a lot of his confidence.

We provided a complete new set of teeth (supported by dental implants in both jaws) within 3 months.

He is now smiling readily and reports that his life has changed dramatically since his confidence is restored.

The approximate cost of this treatment (both jaws) as a member of Winning Smiles: £22000

Full Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on ImplantsFull Upper and Lower Titanium Acrylic Bridges on Implants